We measure success in performance improvements, but also enjoyment of the sport. We love hearing from our happy runners! 

Evan is an excellent coach who takes the entire athlete into account. He'll check in on your overall stress level when planning your workouts/overall week. He'll help reframe workouts for you if they don't seem to be going well. He provides individualized coaching based on the events I'm training for versus what his other athletes are training for. He spends time planning out my racing schedule and is very realistic when it comes time to create a race strategy. Evan has also run at a very high level so he understands all of the complexities and moving parts needed to make you a successful athlete.

Erin Osgood

Evan has had such a huge impact on me not only as a runner but as a human. He took me from thinking running was a chore to enjoying working out and running faster times than I have in years. All while having the best life balance I’ve had in years. I feel so grateful to have him as a coach and truly believed he saved my running career.

Cassi Ahrens

Evan took 3 minutes off my half-marathon PR; highly recommended! His workouts are challenging and enjoyable and he's extremely knowledgable and generous with his time.

Robert Oerzen

I have been working with Evan for months and could not be happier. His workouts are structured specifically around me and my training. I know that my plan will look drastically different if I am training for a 10k versus a marathon. The workouts are never cookie-cutter and the progress is measurable. I would highly recommend Evan as a coach.

Brian Schroy