Personal Running Coaching

Individualized running coaching to help you reach your goals

Personalized Running Coaching
/ month


Work with me one on one as your running coach!

We'll start with a setup consult call so I can learn about your training background and history as a runner. 

Then you'll have personalized running coaching delivered to you via the FinalSurge mobile app and web platform.

Training is completely individualized to your running background and history as well as your current and future goals.

Your workouts will be scheduled on a two week rolling basis with complete customization based on you.

Online coaching also includes a monthly check in and pre goal race and post goal race discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

I believe in individualization and specificity for the event you're training for and that your training has to be individualized to you as a runner and not just copy/paste from a template. 

I also believe in specific preparation for the goal race or focus you're training for. This means identifying what the main tenants of that event are (i.e. Long Runs for Marathon training) and incorporating those efforts as a specific focus. 

I want to find out where you are and where you want to go with your running and build a bridge together to get there.

Have more questions?

I'm here to answer anything you might have further questions about!